We believe that Productivity, Reliability and Performance are key aspects of our business environment.

Our solutions and services are precisely targeted to meet the customized demands.
Our management is excited about the business opportunities that exist in the market today and is confident to pursue its business acquisition and fulfillment plans. We have all elements of solar technology, management systems, people and financial strength to become a leading Renewable Energy Service Provider in UAE

We provide solutions as our clients specified, we naturally listen carefully to the users, when they tell us what they want. Clients today have expectations for problem-free solarproducts that is easy to install, optimizes power Solutions. KTS UAE is dedicated to meeting those expectations with the highest quality products on the market. We focuses our business activity on the field of Renewable Energy, and more specifically on Photovoltaic Solar Energy.

Our team focuses on developing each individual project, analysing and implementing solutions that guarantee our clients will accomplish their project objectives. In other words, they achieve a renewable energy source that optimises costs and always meets required standards and features. AtKTS our quality products and unmatched service have made us the solar energy leader for homes, businesses and government agencies across the country. No matter what the size of your project, we deliver equipment tailored to your power and cost requirements.

In addition to our high standards for every solar energy contract we fulfill, we have a record of strong installation results in technically challenging environments. Our areas of strength are our products, installation planning, support, technical expertise and after-sales service.

Muhammad Kashef
KTS Solar